Learn From My Fail: Blood Drives

Story time kids. I was at a large comic convention recently and decided to donate blood. I've donated blood in the past without any major problems.

However, I had been running around in the heat all day and hadn't drank a lot of water. I donated and felt fine. A little dizzy, but I wasn't a little bitch. I could power through it. I'd never had any issues in the past. I got up and went and got my free t-shirt and a cookie. I was sitting in the hall talking when I knew I was going down. I told my friend I was about to pass out. Fortunately, an employee happened to be walking by as I started sinking to the floor. She grabbed me and hustled me into a room. At this point I couldn't see and was stumbling badly. Like, if you didn't know I had donated blood you would think I was drunk. I must have blacked out because I had been dreaming for a second. I woke up to a crowd and one of the employees telling everyone to back off. One of the guys was explaining he and his friend were EMTs and were ready to jump in. I eventually recovered but felt pretty shitty the rest of the convention.

Moral of the story: donating blood is awesome. Just don't be a dumbass. If you run around in the heat all day and don't drink water and decide donate blood you'll pass out and wake up to see that hot EMTs witnessed the whole thing and you'll be really embarrassed.

The end.