Convention Survival List

So, you're going to a convention. Be prepared for a whirlwind of costumes, panels, photo ops, autographs, parties, overpriced food, lots of walking, shopping, and being broke as hell. It's awesome. However, I've learned some things over the years. Here's a list of things to bring to a convention that might help:

-Portable cosplay repair kit: bringing the supplies needed to repair your costume is no help if they're in your hotel room. Especially if you're staying offsite. Very especially if you're broke and staying way offsite.

-Water: bring and consume a ton of water. Hydration is key. Especially if it's hot out and/or you're drinking. Being dehydrated is no fun. Passing out is really no fun (see my previous post).

-Snacks/food: Things are super expensive at conventions. Bring your own snacks and food so you don't have to pay $3 for a bag of chips or a soda.

-Folder: If you're getting something signed, a print, or a photo you'll want something to protect it.

-EmergenC, hand sanitizer etc.: Avoid the Con Plague. Take vitamins before/during/after the convention. Wash your hands.

-Sunscreen: If you're going to be outside a lot don't get burnt.

-Small backpack: You're going to acquire a lot of random crap. A backpack may not match your costume, but suck it up and bring one. It beats having to struggle to carry everything all day. Plus you want to carry water with you (see above note).

-Phone charger: you'll be taking lost of pictures and some conventions have apps so you'll be using your phone a lot. Plus, you don't want to get separated from your group and have your phone die.

- Make sure you have your ID with you. Some conventions require it to register. And you might want a drink or want to purchase something (like a sword) that requires ID. This may seem obvious but in my excitement and attempts to carry the least amount possible I've almost forgotten my ID and realized what a disaster it would have been.

-Backup outfit: after several days of cosplay you may reach a point where you'd rather eat glass than put on a wig, uncomfortable costume, and makeup. So have a backup nerdy t-shirt or dress for those days. You might decide to cosplay the whole time, but at least you'll be ready in case you need a break.

Those are just a few things that have come to mind that would have helped me in the past. Feel free to comment with your own convention tips!