What I'm Reading and Watching- April

I've been having health problems for the last couple of months and haven't done a lot of reading, writing, or TV watching. But now that I'm starting to come out of it some, here is what I've been reading and watching this month! I've marked where spoilers are but still read at your own risk.


1. Thirteen Reasons Why

I read the novel my freshman year of college and was completely drawn in. It's such and interesting concept and is emotionally compelling. I was excited about the TV show. I really liked the casting and acting. They did the perfect job there. They also did a good job sticking to the story for the most part. However, I felt that it was way too drawn out. Thirteen hour-long episodes was just too much. I didn't really like some of the plot filler. Plus *spoilers* one of the most criticized things I've seen people talk about (that I agree with) is having the plot take place over a period of weeks as opposed to one night in the novel. I know they had to do this for the purpose of making a TV show but it still changed the feel of it and didn't make sense at times. One of the good things was getting to see other characters in depth, which we don't get in the novel. Another decision I agree with *major spoilers* was changing Hannah's suicide method. In the book she overdoses on pills. In the show she is graphically shown slitting her wrists. It's agonizing. I think it sends a stronger message about the brutality of suicide than if she was shown taking pills and passing out. So overall it was good, but I think a movie would have been better.

2. Big Little Lies

I absolutely love the novel and was excited about the show. I was worried about it being set in America as opposed to Australia but it worked. The casting was awesome. The setting was beautiful and it has awesome music. I really enjoyed seeing it come to life. The only problem I had was *major spoilers* that the ending felt weak. In the book it's explained that Bonnie pushes Perry because she was a victim of abuse and is triggered. It is also explained more how he's Jane's rapist. While I understand the show not wanting to infodump, I feel like this was important info that could have been worked in somehow. There were also tiny details I was sad didn't make it into the show that were in the book, but I won't nitpick. I really enjoyed it and think it did justice to the novel.

3. The Walking Dead

I'll be honest, I'm still behind. And I'm kind of bored. I'm hoping it picks up. The season started out so strong but now I feel like it's a lot of talking and not a lot of action (which the show has gone through periods of before). It might pick up by the end of the season. I'll have to be patient and see.


1. Truly Madly Guilty

As I said above, I loved Big Little Lies and have been meaning to read this for a while. I'm only a few chapters in and like it. It feels similar to Big Little Lies while being it's on unique thing.

2. Doctor Strange vol. 3 Blood in the Aether 

I've had this sitting on my shelf forever, I just haven't had time to get to it. I absolutely love this series. The story, the art, the characters. All amazing. I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with the comics I'm reading and watching for release dates. I'll get on that.

Going to Watch:

1. Bill Nye Saves the World
I love Bill Nye. I'm so glad this Netflix series came out. I'll be binge-watching it soon.

2. Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return
I love MST3K and am so excited about a new series. I've already heard good things about it!

3.Doctor Who
I've been having DVR problems and have been working a lot so I haven't gotten to see the new two episodes (three after tonight).

4. American Gods
Only about a week!!!! So excited!

It's a slow month but I'm glad I'm starting to feel better after months of feeling too terrible to do anything. I've got a ton to catch up on!