Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's topic is fandoms. It's going to be impossible to keep it to only ten. But here are my favorite fandoms (which include the material itself and the other amazing people in the fandom). 

1. Tolkien
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This was my first fandom before I knew that fandoms were a thing. I love Tolkien. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion. I love it all. And Tolkien fans are amazing. 

2. Star Wars
So many many times I have thought this in my head whenever I hear someone say the first line.:
I grew up watching the original trilogy. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I grew up. She's smart, sassy, pretty, and kicks ass. I really loved Rogue One too! 

3. Doctor Who
There's not too much to say here. It's an amazing show. It's also awesome that Neil Gaiman (who's one of my favorite authors) has written two episodes so far!

4. Sherlock
Hahahahahaa so wrong:
It's fun being part of the craziest fandom ever. 

5. A Song of Ice and Fire
Literally Just A Bunch Of "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 Memes:
I love the books and the show! Tyrion is my favorite character. 

6. Marvel
Ooh snap, Cpt. Sparrow wins!
I love the comics and the movies. My favorite heroes are Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, and Deadpool. Their current series I'm reading are awesome. 

7. Sandman comics (by Neil Gaiman)
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I absolutely love Sandman. Also, all of Neil Gaiman's other works. 

8. House M.D.
House MD:
I miss this show so much! But the fandom is here to stay. 

9. The Hunger Games
Another fandom where I love the books and the movies. 

10. Outlander
Image result for outlander
Yep. I love the books and the show. The costumes are also amazing! 

11. Yuri!!! On Ice
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This is the most recent fandom I've found myself in. So many feels. 

12. Downton Abbey
Masterpiece Theater:
I miss this show so much. And it's only been off for like a year. 

13. The Walking Dead
Related image
Awesome show. Lots of zombies. 

14. Star Trek 
Image result for star trek meme
The new movies, Next Generation, Original series. All of them are great! 

15. Pirates of the Caribbean
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It's still awesome. 

So there's my top ten fifteen Tuesday. 


  1. Sherlock was on my list this week too!
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