Some of My Favorite Pet Reptiles

Of course this will be biased as hell since I own reptiles, but here are some of my favorite reptiles to own as pets!

1. Bearded Dragons
Here's where my bias comes in. I own a beardie and absolutely love her. I also work in a pet store and beardies are my favorite animal we have. They're sweet, beautiful, fun, and all around awesome pets.
A Bearded Dragon with a white background
2. Red-Footed Tortoise
Another bias. I own a red-footed tortoise. They are curious, sweet, pretty tortoises. They are a medium size so they can be kept indoors in a large enough tank. Like beardies they have awesome personalities and are great to bond with.
a red-footed tortoise

3. Tegus
This is a reptile I hope to own in the future. The only downside is that they need a lot of room, which is why I don't have one right now. However, tegus, from what I've read and observed, are sweet, big, and have fun personalities. I've seen people carrying tegus around reptile conventions. They're also really beautiful, I like the red tegus in particular.
red tegu curled up in a dog bed asleep

4. Corn Snakes and Garter Snakes
Both of these snakes are pretty calm, don't get gigantic, and have nice colors. I hope to own these snakes in the future.
red and orange corn snake with a blue background
black garter snake with a red stripe sitting on wood shavings

5. Leopard Geckos
My leo was my first reptile. They're great for first time reptile owners because they're small, good tempered, don't have to have a UVB light or large enclosure, and eat only insects. They also come in a variety of colors. While a lot of leopard geckos aren't super cuddly, they're really fun. A quick fact: leopard geckos eat their skin when they shed.
a leopard gecko looking at the camera with a white background

6. Chinese Water Dragon
I don't know a ton about water dragons but they look really awesome and a lot of people say they make great pets!
a chinese water dragon with a white background
Bonus: Axolotyl
These are amphibians, but they're super cute!
an axolotyl on black gravel

This obviously isn't an extensive list. There are so many awesome reptiles to own! They make amazing pets and I love all the different kinds of reptiles. These are just the first ones that popped into my head. Feel free to comment with your favorite pet reptiles!

Image Credits:,%20Heredity%20&%20DNA/Fun%20with%20Corn%20Snakes_files/image002.jpg