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My Favorite Christmas Movies and Shows

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I figured I take a minute to talk about my favorite things to watch at Christmas time. There's so much out there, but we all have our favorites we watch each year.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is my childhood. I watch it every year. The scene where Snoopy acts out all the different animals never fails to make me laugh

And Linus' speech about the true meaning of Christmas is always heartwarming.

The Nativity Story

It's always nice to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. And it's still a great movie even if you aren't religious; Oscar Issac and Keisha Castle-Hughes are amazing actors not to mention the costumes and scenery and music in the film are stunning.

Love Actually

This is the perfect example of an ensemble movie that works. I was surprised how much I liked it since I generally hate romantic comedies. I watched it originally because a lot of actors I really like are in it. But it is a really fun an hear…