Top Ten Tuesday: Websites Not About Books

A Weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's list is the top ten websites not about books.

1. Pinterest 

2. Archive of Our Own- A great website for fanfiction

3. Tumblr- sort of book related since I follow a lot of book blogs


5. Pandora radio They have all kinds of music. They even have a Gregorian Chant station.

6. Netflix

7.  Super convenient shopping. I get a lot of pet supplies for my lizards on here. And books/comics.

8. Reptiles Magazine A really great source of information and news about reptiles and amphibians. They also have a print magazine you can subscribe to.

9. Wunderground My favorite weather site.

10. Google/Gmail  I use google everyday. I also love Gmail, it's by far my favorite e-mail provider. 

That's my list. Nothing super exciting, but those are the websites (that aren't book-related) that I use a lot.