Book Blogger Hop: 2/29/16

Book Blogger Hop
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Do your children, siblings, or other family members enjoy reading as much as you do? 

I don't have any kids or siblings. My cousins (who are basically like siblings to me) don't really like reading, although one of my cousins does read and write fanfiction like me. My mom reads pretty often. My dad is a huge reader like me so that's where I get it from. My grandparents also like to read. A lot of my friends from college were also literature majors and are big readers. My best friend doesn't really read a lot. I would say I'm the most varied reader in that I read lots of different types of things. But that's why I have a book blog, so I can talk with other big readers with similar interests! 


  1. I agree about the blog and discussing with others. My BFF feels book reviews are a waste of time since I get no monetary value from it. Oh well I am extremely happy and satisfied and she has her money ;)
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