Book Blogger Hop: 7/24-7/30/15

Book Blogger Hop
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Do you use bookmarks? If so, do you match them to the book you're reading or do you use random scraps of paper? 

I try to use bookmarks. On occasion I will dog-ear my pages. I do own actual bookmarks that I use on occasion. They're all ones I've gotten free at some point or another. Right now I'm reading Dragonfly in Amber and I am using the receipt as a bookmark. I do have a bookmark signed by an author because I didn't have a copy of her book at the time (I don't use it) and I have some decorative bookmarks as well. My main problem is that I lose bookmarks. And also I read books on Kindle so there's obviously no need in that case. 

Well...that was a lengthy explanation to a simple question. Until next time! 


  1. I lose them too and hate to lose my favorite ones. I keep those on display. :)

    I use scraps of paper, etc., for my bookmarks.

    Your answer is answer can never be too lengthy in my opinion.

    Nice blog. Glad to see you joined us on the Blog Hop.

    ENJOY your weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    1. Thanks! I'm glad someone else displays bookmarks too. I've done the Blog Hop a couple of times but I'm trying to get into doing it every week. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

    2. Oh yes...I hate to use the really nice ones. :)

      Great on the Blog Hop...hope to see you every week.


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