Thesis Time and Tolkien

Wow, my blog has been very neglected. In my defense, I am writing my senior thesis this semester. This is a graduation requirement and I have to write a big research thesis on a literary work. I decided to write mine on J.R.R. Tolkien. There's a lot to work with there but I think I've got my topic narrowed down. I'm going to write about the themes of loyalty in The Fellowship of the Ring and how Tolkien's views of loyalty were affected by his time in the military during WWI. It's a lot of work but at least it's a topic I enjoy. Ever since I read The Hobbit when I was about 11 it's been my favorite book. I read The Lord of the Rings trilogy about two years after and that is when I really developed a love for Tolkien. I loved the movies (they're still my favorite movies) and everything Tolkien related. I read The Silmarillion and Tolkien's translation of Beowulf in college. My favorite class I've ever taken is a seminar on a major author all about Tolkien. A whole class...on only Tolkien. It was amazing. I got to do a presentation on dragons, you can't beat that. So all that to say Tolkien holds a special place in my heart and although this thesis and all the research is hard I'm enjoying learning more about my favorite author and the amazing world and characters he created.