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Movie Soundtracks

So this is a little OT from books (although I could stretch it and mention that some of these movies are book adaptations). I just felt like talking about some of my favorite movie soundtracks! I love listening to movie soundtracks and many of my favorites have amazing music. So here's a list of some of my favorites!

Lord of the Rings trilogy: Epic! One of my favorite tracks is "The Breaking of the Fellowship" from the first movie. Also the songs from the credits are always epic.

The Hobbit trilogy: I love the tune to the Song of the Misty Mountains and the main theme. The movies also have epic after-credits songs and I look forward to hearing the third one!

Gladiator: Just hearing this music makes me get emotional. "Now We Are Free" starts playing and I have to sob in a corner for a bit.

Cold Mountain: Set in the area I live I love the authenticity and beauty of the music.

Last if the Mohicans: Epic. Need I say more?

Requiem for a Dream: Intense and emotional.

Star T…