Top Ten Tuesday: Most Memorable Secondary Characters

A meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish  which features a different top ten list each week relating to literature. This week? 

Top Ten most memorable secondary characters! Just a few things before I begin: it is sometimes hard to discern whether a character is really "secondary", especially if they are popular and well loved. So if some of the characters I name are actually major ones, my bad. Here we go! 

1. Tom Bombadil The Fellowship of the Ring: Unfortunately he was left out of the movies, but Tom is just an all around awesome dude. He chills in the woods and the ring has absolutely no effect on him, Gandalf ponders giving it to him for safekeeping but is afraid he will lose it. He saves the hobbits early in their journey. Tom could have probably settled the whole ring situation; if only he gave a damn. 
2. Éowyn The Two Towers and The Return of the King: Lady warrior and hero of middle earth. She kills a creature that no man can kill. After being friendzoned by Aragorn she dresses like a man and fights in an important battle, risking her life to save her father.  
3. Jaqen H'ghar from A Song of Ice and Fire series: Helps Arya discover her potential, gives her hope, and rubs out some people for her as a gift for saving his life. He is also magical (sort of) and mysterious. He is often overlooked, but he is a very interesting guy. 
4. Captain Hannibal Hudson from the Bloody Jack series: A very nice guy and fair captain. He has a good sense of humor and is fair to Jacky and caring. He is also brave and cares about his men. 
5. Sibyl Vane The Picture of Dorian Gray: She may actually be considered a major character, but I feel like she is often overlooked. A poor but beautiful actress her love for Dorian makes her become one of the tragic and innocent heroines of the Shakespeare plays she acts in. 
6. Georgia Cold Mountain: Not much is known about his character except that he is a deserter from the confederate army, is from Georgia, and is a musician. He is described as being part Cherokee and in the end marries Ruby (another awesome character). He is able to get help when Ruby's dad is shot. 
7. Roäc  The Hobbit: He is a big talking raven with an attitude. What more could you ask for? He works as a messenger with key info. during the Battle of the Five Armies. 
8. Madge The Hunger Games: Another great character left from the movies! In the book, Madge is the one who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin and is her best female friend. Her aunt died in the hunger games that Haymitch was in. Easily overlooked, but she helped spark the rebellion even though she didn't get to see it to its end. 

And I am so close to ten, but my brain has decided to quit for the day. So here is my list, enjoy!


  1. Glad to find a fellow Tom Bombadil fan! I love him and Goldberry--and I think he's one of the more under-rated characters. I mean, the Ring DOESN'T WORK ON HIM.

  2. I know! He has ridiculously great powers and could easily destroy the ring, but he's just like "Nah guys, I'm good. Have fun with that though". I would love to know who they would have cast as him if he were in the movies!


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