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The best part of fiction (in my humble opinion): Characters

In the world of literature everyone studying it has their area of particular interest. Some focus on poetry or drama, but for me my particular area is fiction (more specifically novels and short stories). The best part of fiction is the characters. You can have a great story and wonderful writing, but without compelling characters your story will not live up to its full potential. My favorite books and stories all have amazing characters in them. Your favorite characters become familiar and sort of like friends to you (not in a crazy losing a grip on reality way). If you are having a bad day all that you have to do is open your favorite book and you are instantly surrounded by the familiar places and people you have come to know in the story. Here is a little about my absolute favorite fictional character.
-Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings): The Hobbit is my favorite book and part of why I love it is the character of Bilbo. He loves his home and is very reluctant …